Our Deleware Hens Are Just a Hoot!

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delaware-chickens-web-225x300We love having the “girls” around the garden center. They keep the bugs to a minimum. We haven’t seen many slugs since the girls came to town. It is said they will wipe-out the local tick population which seems to be true. Our Terrier mix, Lily, didn’t have one tick last year (thank goodness, those things are gross!). Our girls lay eggs all year except late fall and winter. We have one hen that is not a Delaware. Her name is Rosey and she is a Polish hen. Her feathers are black and white speckled and she wears a “hat” of feathers on her head. You must come and see her! People ask what will we do when they get old and stop laying. Well, we will enjoy them just as they are and let them live out their days. They have become part of the family. Their favorite treat is mealworms. We buy them dried, not alive (too squiggly). When we shake the mealworm bucket the girls comes running, so does Lily, who loves them too and will sit quietly for a treat of mealworms.