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The Healthy Gardener


There have been plenty of studies that show the benefits of gardening. Just getting outside, in the fresh air and sunshine can boost your mood, wipe away depression, lower blood pressure, regulate hormones, you name it. Actually being an active gardener multiplies the benefits. Heart health, muscle tone, mobility, everything is improved by working in…(Read More)

      I hate to admit that we have mice. Being a garden center perched on a wooded lot, it is bound to be an issue. The fields behind us are perfect for growing mice. Even with our hawk and fox population we have enough trouble with mice that the traps are always out…(Read More)

Chickens in Winter


Chickens in winter We get a lot of questions about our small flock of chickens. Currently we have 5 beautiful hens. The group we have now we acquired from a farmer friend. They are mixed breeds and a variety of colors. We have Oreo, she’s black and white, Sofia, our golden girl, Kim, who…(Read More)

As you can imagine, winter here in the garden center is very different from the rest of the year. Being a seasonal business is always a challenge. Before it begins I always think we will have a lot of down-time and can just tackle all those unfinished projects at home. Then it hits me…(Read More)

The Winter Blues


The winter blues are something I tried hard to avoid. As people who do most of our work seasonally (spring, summer and fall) winter can be an interesting time of year. Unlike a lot of people, in the chaos of spring sometimes you can hear me muttering “I can’t wait for January” under my…(Read More)